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Since 1886 - History of Jamestown Mattress

What makes us different?

In today's mattress market, many major manufacturers and retailers are owned by investment firms focused on maximizing returns at the expense of product quality. Consumers often find themselves purchasing overpriced mattresses of subpar quality, manufactured with inferior materials and designed for obsolescence.

However, we take pride in our heritage of producing mattresses that are built to last. Unlike many mass-produced alternatives, our mattresses are handcrafted to order by local artisans, ensuring superior quality and longevity. We continue the tradition of manufacturing two-sided mattresses, offering customers the option to flip and rotate their mattresses for extended comfort and durability. Jamestown Mattress remains steadfast in its commitment to creating products that are built to last.

Here to Stay

In a world of constant change and uncertainty, one thing remains certain—Jamestown Mattress is here to stay, providing our customers with the finest mattresses and the peace of mind they deserve. Say goodbye to inflated prices and unnecessary markups—choose Jamestown Mattress for unmatched comfort, quality, and value.

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Should you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out; we're available to assist you in discovering your next mattress.

Prefer discussing in person? Feel free to drop in. You're invited to visit any of our showrooms to experience our range of mattresses firsthand.