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30 Day Comfort Adjustment Program


The comfort adjustment is available only to customers within our delivery area.

It's a one-time offering, so make sure that it is needed.

A pickup and redelivery fee applies, but there are no charges if you bring your mattress to our factory, securely wrapped in plastic.

To be eligible, the mattress must be in good condition and free from stains or soiling. We recommend using a mattress protector to maintain its pristine condition.

The program is only applicable to the original purchaser and mattresses tested in-person at a Jamestown Mattress showroom.

The type of padding used during adjustment is at the discretion of Jamestown Mattress.


Give it time, like a pair of new shoes, there is a break-in period. Try to give it at least a week sleeping on your new mattress. If you find it to be a bit firmer or softer than you prefer, then our Comfort Adjust Program can help.

We will pick up the mattress and bring it back to the factory. The comfort layer of your mattress will be reupholstered to better suit your comfort needs. The appearance of the mattress after the adjustment will change very little, if at all.

There is a pickup and redelivery fee for the service. However, if you bring the mattress to our factory wrapped in plastic, no such charges will apply. Significant adjustments, such as adding memory foam or altering the mattress size or height, may incur additional fees. If you choose to switch models within the first 30 days, a 20% disposal fee plus the retail price difference applies. For downgrades, no refund is offered, and the disposal fee still applies.

Orders purchased using financing may incur charges from the financing company. Please consult with them and understand the terms before purchasing.

The Comfort Adjustment Program is available for 30 days from the delivery date of your mattress.

Adjustments after 30 days may be possible for an additional cost, provided the mattress is in pristine condition without stains or damage. Please contact the store where you purchased the mattress for a quote.

Within the first 30 days, you can switch to a different model by paying the retail price difference and a 20% disposal fee. Downgrading is possible, but the price difference will not be refunded, and the disposal fee still applies.

The mattress must be free from any stains, soil, or signs of misuse. We recommend using a mattress protector to avoid any risk of damage. Jamestown Mattress reserves the right to refuse adjustments on any mattress deemed unsanitary or damaged.

Why does the mattress need to be stain-free and pristine?We bring the mattress back to our facility, so it must be in pristine condition to ensure hygiene and safety standards are met.

The program is available only to customers within our delivery area and the original purchaser. The offer is not transferable.

The comfort adjustment is a one-time offering. We encourage giving the mattress a fair trial before deciding on an adjustment.

Yes, the mattress must have been tested in-person at a Jamestown Mattress showroom prior to purchase to be eligible for the comfort adjustment program.

Once a mattress is unpackaged, it is considered used and cannot be resold. Unopened items can be returned within 30 days of purchase.

If a refund is requested after it has been removed from the packaging, there's a 20% disposal fee. Learn more here.

Why are returns not accepted? Our policy ensures that all our customers receive new, unused products, aligning with our commitment to quality and affordability without the practice of reselling used mattresses.

Orders can be canceled at no charge if done at least 24 hours before delivery. Orders canceled while the mattress is en route will be refunded minus the delivery fee.

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