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How Much Mattress Do You Get For Your Dollar?

With Jamestown, you're not just getting a mattress; you're investing in quality craftsmanship, local production, and unbeatable value.
Say goodbye to inflated prices and unnecessary markups.


Jamestown Mattress: $809

Big Fancy Mattress Store: $1674
(usually marked down from $2790)

Furniture Store: $1795

Big Online Company: $2374

7 Reasons to Buy From a Local Mattress Manufacturer.

At Jamestown Mattress, we believe in transparency and quality. That's why we offer you the opportunity to buy directly from our factory, bypassing the convoluted supply chains that plague traditional mattress purchases. When you buy factory direct, you're not just getting a mattress; you're investing in quality mattress and peace of mind.

By eliminating middlemen, we cut costs and pass on significant savings directly to you. Enjoy our superior quality products at prices that are approximately half of what our competitors charge for similar quality. Quality sleep shouldn't come at a premium, and at Jamestown Mattress, it doesn't have to.

We take pride in our roots. All our mattresses are proudly manufactured in our dedicated factory located in Jamestown, NY. By producing locally, we ensure quality craftsmanship and have full control over the manufacturing process, resulting in superior products for our customers. Support American manufacturing while enjoying the best sleep of your life.

With over 130 years of experience, our manufacturing facility possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise about our products. When you buy factory direct, you gain access to our wealth of knowledge. From detailed product specifications to personalized recommendations, our experts are here to guide you every step of the way.

Our factory-direct approach streamlines the entire process, providing you with local delivery, setup, and removal services. Learn more about our delivery options.

At Jamestown, our dedicated employees handle every step of the delivery process, ensuring your mattress is made-to-order in our factory and delivered directly to your doorstep by Jamestown Mattress.

At Jamestown Mattress, we value direct communication with our customers. When you buy factory direct, you have a direct line of contact with our dedicated team who make the mattresses. Whether you have questions, concerns, or inquiries, we're here to provide personalized assistance throughout your purchasing journey.

Manufacturing is the backbone of Western New York, and by choosing Jamestown Mattress, you're supporting local manufacturing and investing in the future of our community. As the only independent family-owned mattress manufacturer in Western New York, we take pride in our heritage and commitment to quality. When you choose Jamestown Mattress, you're not just buying a mattress; you're investing in a legacy of quality and affordability.

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