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Custom Size Mattresses


Antique bed with Jamestown mattress, green walls, maroon sheets, oriental rug—classic elegance.

Antique Beds

We can create mattresses with unconventional sizes as well as corner cuts to fit into your vintage bed frame.

RV mattress designed by Jamestown for comfort and fit in recreational vehicles.

RV Mattresses

Due to the space constraints in a RV, we can make mattresses with a hinge, rounded corners, and adjust the dimensions to fit these compact spaces.

Custom boat mattress fitted to hull shape, showcasing Jamestown's adaptability.

Boat Mattresses

We offer the option to craft foam mattresses to any shape, using your existing mattress as a template to ensure the right fit.

Minimalist bedroom with a custom round mattress, demonstrating design flexibility.

Other Sizes

We offer a wide range of custom mattress solutions, including waterbed replacements, sleeper sofa mattresses, round beds, hinged mattresses and more.

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For these special orders, we recommend a personalized consultation to explore your options. Contact your local Jamestown Mattress store or contact us here.