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Weekend Beer Tour in Rochester

Hands toasting with beer, symbolizing the 'Rochester beer scene'.

Jamestown Mattress invites you to relax and explore the vibrant beer culture of Rochester this weekend, recently acclaimed as one of the top cities for beer lovers in the Northeast by Matador Networks and a prominent spot on Smarter Asset's list of best cities for beer drinkers in the U.S. With over two dozen breweries in Monroe County, Rochester is a beer enthusiast's haven. Whether you're a local or a visitor, join us as we guide you through a refreshing weekend journey infused with historical richness and modern flavors.

Saturday: A Journey Through Rochester's Brewing History
Start your day at the Genesee Brew House, not only the oldest brewery in New York State but a pillar of the brewing community. Enjoy lunch with a backdrop of the majestic High Falls and opt for a classic Genesee Cream Ale or venture into the craft selections from the Genesee Pilot Brewery.

Post-lunch, make your way to Three Heads Brewing to savor one of their seasonal craft brews on a lively patio, especially vibrant during their live music nights. Next, visit Strangebird, the 2022 New York State Craft Brewery of the Year, which offers an impressive array of 24 rotating taps along with a locally sourced food menu. Conclude your day at the Rohrbach Brewing Company, Rochester’s original craft brewery, where you can relish a Highland Lager or a seasonal brew in their bustling Railroad Street Beer Hall.

Sunday: Exploring the Contemporary Craft Scene
After a hearty breakfast, kick off day two at Sager Beer Works. Enjoy a relaxed lunch in their cozy taproom situated in the Neighborhood of the Arts. Just steps away, Living Roots Winery offers an excellent diversion as the first urban winery in the Finger Lakes.

Your next stop is Copper Leaf Brewing in Pittsford, a scenic spot by the Erie Canal known for its artisanal ales and lagers. The journey continues through Rochester's bustling brewery scene with visits to Fifth Frame Brewing, Swiftwater Brewing, and more, each offering unique brews and atmospheres. Don’t miss the Fairport Brewing’s Fluffy IPA or a house-brewed Timbucha Kombucha.

Conclude your weekend with a picturesque drive to Young Lion Brewing in Canandaigua. This women-led brewery provides stunning lake views and a perfect spot to reflect on your flavorful journey.


In a city historically synonymous with the flash of Kodak cameras, Rochester has surprisingly developed into a hotspot for craft beer enthusiasts, casting a new light on its industrial past. This transformation is not just about brewing beer; it's about crafting a new identity and fermenting a rich culture of innovation and community.

At Jamestown Mattress, we believe that the best days start and end with comfort. After your days exploring the city's renowned beer scene, rest well on our premium mattresses, designed and crafted with the same attention to detail and quality as the finest brews you’ll sample this weekend. Experience the comfort of Jamestown Mattress, where every night is as rejuvenating as a day spent sipping the best beers of Rochester. Cheers to great sleep and great brews!

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