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Should I rotate and flip my mattress regularly?

Yes. We emphasize the importance of regular mattress care to prolong its lifespan and maintain its quality. Think of it like rotating your car's tires to wear them down evenly.

We advise both rotating and flipping your mattress, if it's a two-sided model with the same level of firmness on both sides. We recommend doing this every three months, ideally with the change of seasons, to ensure even wear and tear.

Rotating Your Mattress: For both single and double-sided mattresses, rotate them 180 degrees so that the mattress's head and foot switch places.

Flipping Your Two-Sided Mattress:

  1. Start by rotating the mattress 180 degrees.
  2. Stand the mattress on its side.
  3. Carefully flip the mattress to reveal the other side.
  4. Complete the process by rotating the mattress once more to align it with your bed foundation.

Safety Tip: Be mindful of your surroundings and your back when flipping or rotating your mattress. It's best to have someone help you with these tasks.

Special Advice for King Size Mattresses: King-size mattresses often develop a ridge in the middle due to less usage in that area. To combat this and even out wear, here's a tip: instead of the standard rotation, rotate your King-size mattress by 90 degrees so that it extends slightly over the edges of your bed frame. This might look a bit unconventional for a week or two, but it allows the previously unused middle part to get some wear. Repeating this process semi-annually can greatly improve the mattress's evenness over time.

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