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15 Hiking Adventures Near Buffalo

Overhead view of people in raincoats walking near Niagara Falls, labeled 'Buffalo Outdoor Adventures'.

Hello, fellow adventurers and nature enthusiasts! Are you ready to lace up your hiking boots and explore some of the most stunning natural landscapes Western New York has to offer? At Jamestown Mattress, we believe that a good day starts with a great night's sleep, and there’s no better way to energize for a day of hiking than on one of our quality mattresses. Here’s a roundup of the top 15 hiking spots within an hour’s drive from downtown Buffalo, guaranteed to rejuvenate your spirit and get you back in touch with nature.

15 must-try hikes.
Each filled with unique landscapes and scenic wonders.

1. Eternal Flame at Chestnut Ridge, Orchard Park Nestled within Chestnut Ridge County Park, this hike leads you to a fascinating natural phenomenon—a flame that burns right within a waterfall, thanks to a natural gas leak. This enchanting sight is tucked away in a forested ravine, making the journey as magical as the destination.

2. Akron Falls County Park, Akron Follow the trail along the bubbling Murder Creek to a stunning overlook of cascading waterfalls over rugged limestone. This park offers more than just views; it’s a perfect spot for a sunny picnic or a leisurely day outdoors with the family.

3. Knox Farm State Park, East Aurora Explore over 600 acres of idyllic landscapes where forested paths meet rolling meadows. Once a private estate, this park retains a touch of aristocratic charm, offering a peaceful escape into nature’s embrace.

4. Tifft Nature Preserve, Buffalo A stone's throw from the city's buzz, this 264-acre preserve is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and casual hikers alike. Trails weave through wetlands and woodlands, offering a serene getaway and a chance to spot local wildlife against the backdrop of Buffalo’s industrial heritage.

5. Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve, Cheektowaga This accessible preserve is perfect for families, featuring easy trails that loop around vibrant ponds and through diverse woodlands. It’s an educational haven too, with plenty of programs to engage young minds with the wonders of nature.

6. Niagara Gorge, Niagara Falls Dramatic and thrilling, the trails at Whirlpool State Park offer everything from serene strolls along the gorge’s rim to adventurous descents into the rapids below. The powerful vistas of the Niagara River are truly a sight to behold.

7. Zoar Valley, Gowanda Venture into the wilds with a visit to Zoar Valley, known for its stunning old-growth forests and dramatic cliffside views. It’s a piece of untamed beauty that rivals the picturesque scenes of the West.

8. Beaver Meadow, North Java This peaceful retreat features a network of easy trails that pass through vibrant woodlands and quiet meadows. Discover quirky sights like a rusty old stove and learn about the local flora and fauna at the on-site Interpretive Center.

9. Buckhorn Island State Park, Grand Island Experience the gentle pace of nature as you hike along trails that skirt the edges of the Niagara River and wind through lush marshlands. It’s an immersive experience in a less-traveled part of the Niagara frontier.

10. Deer Lick Conservation Area, Gowanda A component of the Zoar Valley region, this trail offers a gentle hike through ancient forests and serene streams, leading to awe-inspiring views of the encompassing valley—a tranquil place to reflect and rejuvenate.

11. 18-Mile Creek, Hamburg This trail captures the essence of a secluded natural gorge, offering hikers a scenic route through vibrant new growth and a lively creek that carves through the landscape.

12. Griffis Sculpture Park, East Otto Art and nature collide beautifully in this unique park, where large-scale sculptures populate the landscape, creating an interactive and picturesque hiking experience unlike any other in Western New York.

13. Hunter’s Creek, South Wales Often likened to a miniature national park, this hidden gem features trails that wind through breathtaking gorges and alongside rushing creeks, providing a quiet escape into the wilderness.

14. Little Rock City, Little Valley Marvel at the gigantic rock formations and the natural tunnels that form Little Rock City, a remote hike that takes you deep into the geological history of Western New York.

15. Sprague Brook County Park, Glenwood Follow the twists and turns of Sprague Brook, enjoying the serene paths that loop around the park. The trail offers crossings over the brook and passes through charming local villages, making it a delightful day out.

Wrap-Up the Day

After a day spent in the embrace of nature, there’s nothing like returning to the comfort of a Jamestown Mattress to rest and rejuvenate. Ready to explore these trails? Each of these trails offers its own unique experience, from tranquil walks to adventurous treks. Make sure your recovery is just as invigorating as your hike!

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