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A Weekend Guide to Arts & Cultural in Buffalo

Colorful houses in Buffalo's Allentown, noted for nightlife and shopping, with 'Buffalo Arts and Culture' caption.

Hello, art enthusiasts and cultural explorers! Looking for a perfect blend of art, culture, and relaxation this weekend? Jamestown Mattress is thrilled to walk you through an art-filled weekend in Buffalo. Dive into the rich tapestry of Buffalo's art scene and discover hidden gems that offer more than just visual delights.

Friday – Art and Ale

  • Morning: Indulge in a world-class brunch at Patina 250 inside the Westin Hotel at 250 Delaware Ave, surrounded by art installations from local galleries.
  • Afternoon: Begin your artistic journey in the charming neighborhood at 1255 Niagara St, where Emily Tucker and her business partner Elisabeth Samuels run the Raft of Sanity gallery. Engage with captivating pieces by local and out-of-town artists in their latest show. Just across the street, Mortalis Brewing Company at 1250 Niagara St awaits with its renowned craft brews. Known for fruit smoothie sours and robust stouts, Mortalis also offers a tempting taproom menu influenced by beer flavors.
  • Evening: Experience the vibrant First Friday scene in Allentown. Make your evening special by visiting the Allentown galleries, which stay open late on the first Friday of the month. Don’t skip the Rivalry Projects at 106 College St or the PineApple Company at 65 Allen, offering a mix of local art and gifts. Conclude your night at Pausa Art House for some jazz, or enjoy a hearty meal at Billy Club, located in the artsy district at 228 Allen St.

Saturday – Design and Delight

  • Morning: Start your day at Coo Coo U at 111 Tonawanda St, a haven for mid-century design enthusiasts. The showroom is curated by the knowledgeable Michael Merisola, who’s always up for a chat about his eclectic collection.
  • AfternoonExplore the Buffalo Institute for Contemporary Art (BICA) at 30 Essex St. Located in a historic art complex, BICA is buzzing with new exhibitions and events, and you might even stumble upon a lively school party.
  • Evening: Experience the local culture at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, founded by art world luminaries Cindy Sherman and Robert Longo. Later, enjoy a sophisticated dinner at Bacchus Wine Bar & Restaurant at 56 W. Chippewa St, where the roasted oysters and short ribs come highly recommended

Sunday – Culinary and Cultural Treats

  • Morning: Kick off your Buffalo adventure at Five Points Bakery at 44 Brayton St for some hearty toast and coffee. Cross the street to Butter Block for arguably the best croissants this side of France.
  • Afternoon: Explore some nearby downtown galleries likeCEPA, the Contemporary Photography & Visual Arts Center, andWestern New York Book Arts Center, both offering fresh and engaging art experiences.
  • Evening: For dinner, the Mint Mojito Bar at 1225 Niagara St is a must-visit. Indulge in their signature Lobster Empanadas and an array of killer mojitos. If you're craving more, the West Side Bazaar at 1432 Niagara St offers a global culinary adventure right in Buffalo.

    This itinerary not only covers the best of Buffalo's art scene but also integrates delightful culinary experiences and unique local activities, making for a memorable and enriching long weekend. After exploring all these wonderful sights and sounds, you'll appreciate a restful sleep on a comfortable mattress from Jamestown Mattress, ensuring you're refreshed for whatever your next adventure might be. Enjoy your artistic journey in Buffalo!

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